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    Our Story

    After working for 5 years as a successful medical device representative, and working long tireless hours in the operating room and beyond, Becca saw that she had two options: continue working a job that wasn’t conducive to a new mommy OR risk it all and actually follow a life long dream.

    Being more afraid of missing out on entirely too many “mommy” moments, than the uncertainty of embarking on a new journey, she began considering the possibility of starting her own business, and began her very own website while she was pregnant with her daughter.

    From the moment she found out she was pregnant with a girl she began searching high and low (and everywhere in between) for clothing fit for a little fashionista. A fashion lover herself…this wasn’t hard for her to do. Her biggest love was specialty boutique type clothing you couldn’t find anywhere else, however one thing ceased to amaze her…the prices!! In the early days she knew she wanted to her clothing line to be trendy boutique clothing that moms can actually afford.

    Becca works with many talented artisans to create the Prissy in Pink product line for her customers. She has say in each of their designs and has an extreme eye for detail. A mother & perfectionist herself she prides herself on selling products that are not only made of high quality materials but also comfortable and durable for little girls and babies. Using her background in Journalism & Advertising, she gives each of her products a unique name that will stand out to her customers.

    Launching the online site in 2010, the store began to grow its customer base quick. Today, Prissy in Pink is now well known throughout social media as well as a top seller on Zulily, eBay & Etsy. Now sending hundreds of orders per week to customers around the country, Becca divides her time between work & being a proud wife & mommy of 2 little angels.
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